Celebrating Youth Day: An ode to our Climate Change Champs

Jun 16, 2023 | Blog

In commemoration of National Youth day this June 16th,  we celebrate our young climate change champions that have been in action earlier this year for the SA Climate Change Champs project.

A key objective of this project is to provide an accessible platform for youth voices to be heard on topics of climate change mitigation and adaptation and renewable energy. And beyond that, to give youth from rural and urban communities practical learning and awareness opportunities on such matters beyond their realm. And through this, it is evident that when the youth are given the platform to be heard and dream up their vision for a sustainable future, the demonstrated impact of their action is tangible and measurable.

Here is a look at some highlights from the 2023 Renewable Energy Challenge on TikTok. Click here.

This occasion reminds us of the pivotal role that young people play in shaping the future and highlights the importance of empowering them to become catalysts for positive change. Furthermore, it reinforces the importance of the youth voice in bringing forward their ideas and perspectives as future leaders, stakeholders and contributors in the economy and environment.

Looking forward, we look to amplify these voices and give the youth the tools to take accountability in advocating for the world they would like to see. As the SA Climate Change Champs, we would like to thank the youth for empowering and challenging those around us, and being the agents of change.

We would like to honour our climate change champs who have embraced this project by spotlighting some of the events from the 2023 Renewable Energy Challenge from earlier this year from a youth supplement in the Herald, see link here


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