SA Climate Change Champion: Lusanda Msebi

The SA Climate Change Champions project will run a series of profiles recognising deserving individuals from all walks of life. These includes, but not limited to, individuals who run projects in their communities, school pupils involved in climate change clubs, educators who are developing imparting knowledge, trainers, CBOs, government official and any other change agent. Climate Change Champions must play an active role in tackling the dual tasks of mitigating the effects of climate change and transitioning to a renewable energy future.


Name: Luyanda Msebi

Organisation: Catwalk Youth Development Agency (CYDA)

Location: Port Elizabeth

Q: What attracted you to the climate change conversation?

What attracted me to the climate change conversation is my immediate environment in Motherwell and always being willing to actively advocate for change. Motherwell faces has a lot of socio-environmental issues such as poverty, crime and mainly illegal dumping.
Q:  How do you see climate change affecting your community?
Motherwell is a location considered as an urban farm by locals because of its green nature and the opportunities of farming it possesses. However, overtime it is becoming a plastic haven. Food security is becoming more vulnerable.
    It is also borders the Swartkops River and the stormwater canal which flows into the Swartkops estuary in the sea, the canal is filled with plastics which flow into the estuary compromising the living habitat for fishes and birds.
    The Nelson Mandela Bay is currently experiencing a water crisis as a result of climate change as weather patterns are being disrupted.
Q: How do you see renewable energy solving this challenge?
I have read articles on solar energy being used in the processes of water filtration by entirely using then sun’s rays, there are innovative people constantly finding mind-blowing solutions, I believe these need to be supported.
Q: What are you involved in to help address climate change challenges in your community?
I am involved the Motherwell Community and Enviro Hub which is a buy back centre, up-cycling arts and crafts addressing waste management and environmental awareness, in the second phase we will be starting on our food gardens to address food security.
As founder of CYDA we recently introduced our EcoMinded Creatives Ambassadors where we will work together in finding creative innovative solutions to address climate change as young people.
Q: What would you say inspires others to become #SAClimateChamps?
I believe that it is high time we zoom in to understanding the part that we individually play in addressing climate change as it affects all of us on a daily basis. If we want to improve our quality of life and have a planet to live in for us right now and for future generations we should make sustainability our lifestyle.

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GreenCape, leading the delivery of the SA Climate Change Champs, will be visiting several communities around the Western, Eastern and Northern Cape, to host such workshops. This initiative is funded by the European Union and implemented by GreenCape in partnership with the Friedrich Naumann Foundation.

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