SA Climate Change Champion: Niville Bitterbos

Nov 30, 2022 | Blog, Climate Change

The SA Climate Change Champions project will run a series of profiles recognising deserving individuals from all walks of life. These includes, but not limited to, individuals who run projects in their communities, school pupils involved in climate change clubs, educators who are developing imparting knowledge, trainers, CBOs, government official and any other change agent. Climate Change Champions must play an active role in tackling the dual tasks of mitigating the effects of climate change and transitioning to a renewable energy future.

Name: Niville Bitterbos

Location: Upington, Northern Cape

Q: What attracted you to the climate change conversation?

Global warming and the effects it have on the planet, that threats live livelihood of the global communities, economical, socially and environmentally.

Q:  How do you see climate change affecting your community?
Climate change has a direct effect on small livestock farmers ,(plastic pollution). Climate change also affect the Agriculture culture sector because of abnormal weather patterns , which has a direct effect on seasonal employment opportunities in the agricultural sector and dry fruit industry alongside the orange river.
Q: How do you see renewable energy solving this challenge?
Renewable energy contribute by minimising the pollution from carbon materials that are used in the environment. Renewables are the future of normality.
Q: What are you involved in to help address climate change challenges in your community?
I am in a 2 year funding agreement with TIA (Technology Innovations Agency ) To develop my Innovative renewable and sustainable electricity generator for the purpose of providing Off Grid and Micro Grid electricity to rural areas and newly electricity connections to informal settlements. I am also busy with a new project with NPOs ,civil society individuals and small business sector along the Orange river.The project are Vertical farming and Hydroponics.
The aim of the project is to establish Agriculture activities that are carbon free and not expose to the direct effect of weather patterns an that are more productive than conventional farming with less cost.We as a collective on the project also aim at a more sustainable project model to mitigate the high food price to work together as NPOs ,businesses and individuals
Parties involved:
  • Inawe Community Development (NPO)
  • Ndlebe General PTY Ltd Small business
  • UPT Training and Projects PTY Ltd
  • Northern Cape Department of Agriculture Land reform &rural Development
  • There are also other individual from civil society who are going to contribute they experience towards the project.
Q: What would you say inspires others to become #SAClimateChamps?

The just transition to a carbon emissions free environment, which are ecological friendly but also open business & Entrepreneurial opportunities that will create employment for better social conditions, food security and stable weather conditions.

Q: In an ideal world, what does the future look like to you?

Excellent, with more recycle manufacturers, a carbon free environment and everyone with a basic standard of living conditions.

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