Guide & Toolkit: Enabling community-led climate action

GreenCape, for the Active Climate Change Citizenship for a Just Transition in South Africa project, has developed and published a guide and toolkit for designing and running community climate change workshops to encourage active citizenship and enable community-led climate action.

This guide and toolkit is for leaders of civil society organisations (CSOs) and community-based organisations (CBOs). It aims to equip leaders to host climate change awareness and empowerment workshops to enable their community members to recognise and benefit from any opportunities that could come from responding to climate change and to play an active role in taking local climate action to make their communities more sustainable and resilient.

Community-led action can be a powerful force for change. Community-led climate action refers to initiatives and efforts at the local level where communities play an active role to limit climate change and adapt to its consequences. It involves communities taking ownership of the challenges and opportunities associated with climate change and working collaboratively to implement solutions.

Active citizenship is key to community-led action. Active citizenship refers to the active engagement and participation of individuals in their communities and society as a whole. It goes beyond the traditional notion of being a passive member of society and emphasises the responsibility and agency of individuals in contributing to the betterment of their communities.

This guide and toolkit provides practical guidance to support grassroots organisations to expand their mandate to encourage active climate change citizenship and to enable community-led climate action.

To download the toolkit, click the link below.

EU CCC Toolkit – Digital

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